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Water Damage

FREE Emergency Water Extraction!

Water Damage - Emergency water removal.

Yep, that’s right, Pink’s offers FREE emergency water extraction. How can we afford to do this you may ask??? We can’t. We offer this FREE service because we have seen the heartache a flooded carpet, flooded home, flooded basement, or flooded office can cause. How could I look at myself in the mirror every morning knowing that my 90 year old widowed neighbor would have to live with the raw sewage on her carpet because she couldn’t afford to pay me the $500 – $1000 emergency water removal fee that MOST water damage companies in Riverside charge???? I couldn’t. I imagine if that was my grandmother and she had to live like that because no one would come out and clean it up for her. That’s just sad and here at Pink’s, we would like to set the bar a little higher for water damage companies in the Inland Empire.

Water damage can be cause by many variables. Broken pipes, slab leak, overflowed toilets and sinks, backed up pipes from tree roots, sprinklers flooding basements, etc. There are 3 types of water damage that occur:

  • Clean water damage – Self explanatory
  • Grey water damage – This would be water that comes from your dishes and laundry etc.
  • Black water damage – This is sewage or water that comes from the toilet or sewer.

All water damage restoration projects should be started immediately upon learning of the damage. If not, this causes secondary damage and some insurance companies may not cover this and see this as negligence on your part, leaving you to foot the bill, so it’s VERY important that you contact a water damage restoration company immediately upon finding the damage BUT make sure you do your due diligence and research the water damage restoration companies before you hire them. If you do your research, you will make a wise decision and not get ripped off or taken advantage of, because I assure you, it’s common in this field, hence the offer to come out to your home and extract the water for FREE.

We want to be in business for the long run, and since I’ve personally been in the Riverside and Moreno Valley area my whole life, I have a reputation to uphold and it’s very difficult to compete with unlicensed carpet cleaning and water damage companies in Riverside when they LIE, undercut, and scheme to get the jobs. That leaves our advertising dollars as wasted because the clients we would normally be getting from our advertising efforts, are being ripped off and scammed by ruthless and money hungry water damage companies. Google it for yourself and you can see the truth. They operate on a “who will give me the bigger referral fee” type system. A lot of the water damage companies here in Riverside pay plumbing companies a VERY nice referral fee for referring YOU, the homeowner, to their “preferred” water damage restoration vendor, which in all reality, is the highest bidder and NOT necessarily the best water damage company for the job. This is a system that has been pretty much perfected by a very well known water damage company here in southern California. I won’t mention the name for fear of retaliation, but if you Google it you will find the truth. Anyway, we don’t work this way. I KNOW that if you are in a bind and need some emergency water extraction and can’t afford to fork out $1000 and we come to your home and take care of it from start to finish, you will be more apt to have us clean your carpet, upholstery, air ducts, area rugs, dryer vents, tile and grout, etc. This is how we build lifelong relationships with our clients. You don’t have to pay us a dime for water extraction!!!!

Why choose Pink’s for your emergency water extraction?

  1. It’s FREE!
  2. Pink’s is well known with an excellent reputation.
  3. We actually carry insurance and can provide proof.
  4. Have you seen the pink trucks?
  5. Experience, knowledge and training.
  6. That’s what we do.

How does it work?

If you discover that you have water damage in your home or office:

  1. STOP the water leak.
  2. Call us at 1-855-887-4657
  3. Gather your insurance information.
  4. We come out and extract the water, for FREE!

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. When we come out to extract the water from your home or office, we make NO money at all. Not a dime. If you choose to have our affiliate company complete the whole process, that’s when we will make money. If you choose not to use our affiliated water restoration services, no problem. YOU are the one that makes the decision on whom you want in your home to do the water damage restoration and if you choose not to use our affiliated water damage restoration service, then so be it and we will thank you for your time and allowing us to be of service. Read our reviews on YELP and FACEBOOK and you will see that we maintain a 5 star rating. You can’t do that unless you perform on par, or above, every single time. Need I say more?

In conclusion, if you have a flooded home or office and you’re standing in water, whether it be clean, gray, or black, give us a call and let us help you out. I am very well aware of how it works when you scratch someone’s back. Well, let us scratch your back. Call us at 1-855-88-Pinks and let us help you get your home back in order.

NOTE: Because we offer this service for free, our technicians, including myself, do NOT get paid. Myself and my techs are doing this pro-bono and receiving no compensation. We ask that you pass a modest gratuity along to the techs for coming to your home to clean up a mess. This is NOT by any means mandatory and we will still do as promised, however, it’s a nice gesture on your part and helps our techs feel appreciated for the excellent results they provide on a daily basis. They volunteered to do this on their own accord as the idea of free emergency water extraction was proposed to them. Please do NOT feel obligated to tip and this is the only mention of it that you will see. We will not ask you in your home for a gratuity, as I’m sure you¬†already¬†know that here in the United States, it’s customary to tip a service professional.





image"Troy did an awesome job cleaning my couches with years of kid and pet stains. He also cleaned the carpet in our (old) home and I can't believe how clean he got it, I was shocked!!"

Dana Borner

image"My wife and I were extremely happy with the service and the results that we received from Pink's! Troy and his crew were amazing and really improved our carpets. We have light colored carpet and it desperately needed attention. I called Troy and he was very professional and was flexible on timing because my wife and I are constantly working. He was punctual and worked around us. He showed us why we chose that carpet color again. My wife and I are very happy with their service, the easy process, and the results. We will call Troy and his dream team again and again."

Keith Harmon

image"Awesome! Cleaned my light colored carpet and couch, even got marker out! I have had a ton of compliments that my living room looks brand new. Made a huge difference!! Thank you!!"

Krista Carr

image"The owner has incredible integrity and is a "stand up" guy with a lot of experience caring for people and their homes."

Dennis Dunne

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