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Every wondered how your carpet is really supposed to be cleaned? Ever had the “other guys” show up in their little pickup truck with their little carpet cleaning machine? What about the results of the carpet cleaning? Were you satisfied or impressed? Did your carpet look better before or after you had the cheap carpet cleaners? My guess is that you were NOT thrilled like you would be if you had chosen Pink’s Carpet Cleaning. As many times as I’ve said it, it really seems to never sink in with some people. It really is true, you get what you pay for. When you pay a cheap price for carpet cleaning, you get cheap work. It amazes me at how many people simply don’t care who comes to their homes or who is around their wives and children while they are at work. Do you not care about your carpet? If you do, then why oh why do you still insist on hiring the cheap carpet cleaning companies that do subpar work? You’re paying for it, why not get it done right? Why waste the money to have it done wrong, then have to turn around and pay double to quadruple to have it fixed? Doesn’t make sense to me. Below you will find an explanation of how Pink’s Carpet Cleaning provides professional carpet cleaning services and the reasons why you should choose us over the “other guys”.

Our Carpet Cleaning Method

  1. Survey the areas to be cleaned, noting damage and problem areas. This is important as it allows the customer to walk through their home with us and point out the areas of concern as well as allowing us to confirm or deny the ability to fix or repair any pre-existing damages. This keeps us all on the same page. 
  2. Apply our patent pending, 100% all natural, organic carpet cleaning solution. This is a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients that come from the earth. Our carpet cleaning solution is to be reckoned with. This organic carpet cleaning solution is applied directly to the carpet using a pressurized sprayer that hooks up to our carpet cleaning machine. We apply the solution to the carpet and allow 10-15 minutes of necessary dwell time. This dwell time, allows our organic carpet cleaning solution to dissolve spots, stains, oil, grease, gum, tar, ink, etc. NOTE: WE NO LONGER VACUUM YOUR CARPET. Why is this you say? It’s simple. Over the years of cleaning carpet, we have noticed that when we take our vacuums into thousands and thousands of homes, they become kind of “stinky”. We vacuum up animal feces, urine, hair, debris, trash, food particles, and all kinds of nasty things. This makes our vacuums smell like dog or garbage. Do you want your home to smell like that? Me neither. WE NO LONGER VACUUM. Also, it’s not our job to vacuum your carpet, that’s YOUR job. We simply cannot take any more chances with polluting our customers’ in door air or cross contaminating our customers’ homes. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t vacuum my carpet with my vacuum, so I’m not going to vacuum my customers’ homes with my vacuum, unless absolutely necessary. 
  3. Move and block furniture. We move SOME furniture. We are not a furniture moving company. We are a carpet cleaning company. Small pieces are fine, such as recliners, sofas, loveseats, dining tables, etc. However, we are not in the business of moving beds, pianos, china hutches, or anything that requires the use furniture dollies.
  4. Rinse/Extract using rotary jet extraction. Yes this is steam cleaning but with very low moisture. This allows for a quick dry time. What is rotary jet extraction? Rotary means it spins in circles, the jets are what sprays the steam, and then the extraction is the water removal portion. We use what is called the Rotovac 360i. This rotary jet extraction process cleans ALL sides of ALL fibers as opposed to scrub wand carpet cleaning that only cleans in one direction. This allows us to restore traffic lanes and get the deep down cleaning but without the long dry time. Average dry time is 2-4 hours. The Rotovac, along with our organic carpet cleaning solution, gets out stains and restores carpet that other carpet cleaners just can’t seem to handle. 
  5. Groom Carpet. Once we have cleaned all the areas requested by the customer, we then groom the nap of the carpet with either a carpet rake or a carpet brush. This makes the carpet fibers stand up and allows for better air flow to inhibit drying, as well as giving the clean carpet a nice uniform look.

Prepare for our arrival & your carpet cleaning appointment

  1. Pick up clothes, knick knacks, and move any antique or valuable furniture and put ALL valuables away. We ask this because we don’t want to break anything sentimental or valuable. You can’t put a price on sentimental.
  2. Move any large items you want moved away from the walls so that we can clean behind them and under where they sit.
  3. Make sure pets are put somewhere where they won’t be able to walk on the carpet while we are cleaning it.
  4. Have your driveway clear so that we can park in it. You’ve seen the big pink van, right?

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do let us know all areas of concern.
  • Don’t treat those areas of concern with your home spotter prior to us coming as a way to help out.
  • Do vacuum thoroughly, as the more dry soil you pull out of your carpet prior to us cleaning, the cleaner it will be.
  • Don’t think, “Oh, the carpet cleaners are coming, I don’t have to vacuum.”. This is not the case. IF we have to pull out a vacuum to vacuum your carpet, we will gladly do that for you, but that is an additional charge because we ask that you vacuum prior to our arrival. More time spent and more labor equals more money. Not to offend anyone, this is just how real life works. 
  • Do compliment us on our work.
  • Don’t compliment us on our work if you are not totally thrilled with the carpet cleaning.
  • Do tip us, if you feel like it. We gladly accept tips just like any other service professional.
  • Don’t feel obligated to tip us. It’s not necessary, but very much appreciated and who knows, ya just might get something done for free. You get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.
  • Do leave us a positive review on Facebook, Google Plus, and Yelp, or anywhere else you see us listed. This helps us tremendously with our marketing.
  • Don’t leave a negative review until you call us and talk to us. If we have not lived up to your expectations, you don’t have to leave a negative review for us, simply ask for a refund and your money will be refunded. All we ask is that you don’t scam us and ask for a refund, simply because you want something for nothing. 

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image"Troy did an awesome job cleaning my couches with years of kid and pet stains. He also cleaned the carpet in our (old) home and I can't believe how clean he got it, I was shocked!!"

Dana Borner

image"My wife and I were extremely happy with the service and the results that we received from Pink's! Troy and his crew were amazing and really improved our carpets. We have light colored carpet and it desperately needed attention. I called Troy and he was very professional and was flexible on timing because my wife and I are constantly working. He was punctual and worked around us. He showed us why we chose that carpet color again. My wife and I are very happy with their service, the easy process, and the results. We will call Troy and his dream team again and again."

Keith Harmon

image"Awesome! Cleaned my light colored carpet and couch, even got marker out! I have had a ton of compliments that my living room looks brand new. Made a huge difference!! Thank you!!"

Krista Carr

image"The owner has incredible integrity and is a "stand up" guy with a lot of experience caring for people and their homes."

Dennis Dunne

Best Carpet Cleaning Company Ever!