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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video


What happens when a crazy carpet cleaner hooks up with a crazy internet marketer?


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video!

That’s what happens……

Ok, so by now, many of you have seen my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video and have probably thought to yourselves “Gross!”. Ok, well it’s not as gross as you may think. Prior to doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, I dumped and thoroughly cleaned my waste tank. There was NO contaminants in the water except for whatever is in our city water when it comes through the tap. I put a bag of clean potting soil in the tank to make it look dirty. The water then went from my driveway to my yard. Wow, I really do sound like a criminal, don’t I? Yep, even stupid ol’ me, Troy Meacham, figured out that it’s probably not a good idea to dump hot dog urine, feces, dead skin particles, sand, oil, solvents, cleaning solutions, or anything else that comes out of carpet, all over my face and in my eyes. It’s funny, it worked better than I had hoped. I got picked up by TruckMountForums and a couple other carpet cleaning forums and it went a little viral. Thanks TruckMountForums!

Ya see, when it comes to marketing, it’s one of those things you are either good at or you suck at. I’m not sure whether I’m good or not but I can tell you this, all the haters at TruckMountForums, thank you. Thank you very much. Seriously. I know it doesn’t seem like I mean it but I do. Thanks to you I have been so busy I can’t even see straight. Even bad publicity is still publicity. My video has been shared thousands of times, my Google rankings are climbing for the site and my Facebook page is ranking VERY well along with most of my videos. Seriously, thank you. I will be sure to make another stupid video so the haters can keep hating and help me build my business. I LOVE HATERS!

Check out the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video links below and you can read some of the comments and threats. Funny, there are a couple brilliant gentlemen on TruckMountForums that LOVE to threaten with legal recourse, without having ANY prior knowledge of the events prior to the video. Good job guys. Make yourselves look stupid. Have you seen my other videos? It’s called marketing and you obviously know nothing about it or you would have shared and applauded my efforts, as opposed to trying to your very best to trash my name. Hmmm. I really do appreciate the SEO boost you guys have given me.

Ya know, I’ve seen so many stupid ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos where people dump tons of clean potable water and waste it while here in California, our lakes are drying up, our rivers are drying up, our aquifers are drying up, and people just don’t seem to care. They are more interested in getting their 15 minutes of YouTube fame. I water my lawn in a unique way, NOT wasting water, and I get condemned and threatened legally by uninformed competitors that feel the need to try and harm my business out of jealousy because they didn’t think of it first. Come on now, don’t you think that is a little childish? 

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video





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