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Pink’s Carpet Cleaning by Troy Meacham

Troy Meacham, Robyn Meacham, & Baby Saylor Meacham

Troy, Robyn, & Saylor Meacham

Hello Future Pink’s Carpet Cleaning Clients,

My name is Troy Meacham and I am the owner/founder of Pink’s Carpet Cleaning. I wanted to take a minute to tell you a little about myself and my company so that you can make a wise decision about whom you have in your home and around your family, to clean your carpet.

I started cleaning carpet at a young age with my father, whom, together with my mother, have owned a carpet cleaning business in Moreno Valley, CA. for the last 30 years. I grew up cleaning carpet and now I truly am a seasoned veteran carpet cleaner. I have well over 10 years of carpet cleaning experience and can clean just about any type of fabric you can throw at me.

I pride myself in maintaining 5 star reviews and 100% customer satisfaction. I take my time to do the job right the first time because my name an reputation are extremely vital to my success, therefore, absolutely NO cutting corners when you hire me.

As you can see in my family photo, I have a beautiful family that rely on my business, name, and reputation to survive. This is our business and our lively hood so YOUR satisfaction means the world to us. Without you, we have no business, hence the 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, you simply don’t pay. I would rather not charge you, than to have an unhappy customer who tells all their friends about how unhappy they are.

In closing, my family and I appreciate your business and look forward to cleaning your carpet and tile for years to come.

Troy Meacham



Why Pink’s Carpet Cleaning Is Better Than Most

Top of the line carpet cleaning equipment:

Imagine someone showing up to clean your carpet in a beat up ugly van or pickup truck. Granted, you should judge a book by it’s cover, but come on, if they don’t care about the appearance of their vehicle or equipment, it kind of makes you wonder how much they care about the work they perform. This is precisely the reason you will see a bright and shiny pink truck with brand new, state of the art truck mounted equipment.

There is a huge difference in the cleaning capabilities between our commercial carpet cleaning unit and the “other guys” cleaning units. Imagine a Yugo vs. a Mercedes. Simply put, we want the best, so we give you the best.

Professional, Knowledgable, and Courteous:

Our customers keep food on our table so we want to make sure we give them the respect they deserve. When in your home, you can expect nothing but respect from us. With years of cleaning experience, you can feel safe that we know what we are talking about and will complete all services in a very professional manner, because we truly are, professional carpet cleaners.

Long-lasting deeply and Thoroughly Cleaned Carpets:

Ever had your carpet cleaned by one of the “cheap carpet cleaners”? Yeah, I thought so. Well how long did it stay clean after they were done? How long was it wet? Did it smell bad? Are you sure it was even cleaned properly? Well, that’s not us. We are not cheap and we don’t want to be associated with those types of companies. When we clean your carpet, you get a deep rotary jet extraction that gets to the base of all the carpet fibers, cleaning in ALL directions with a ph neutral filtered water rinse, leaving ZERO residue in your carpet, therefore preventing reappearing spots and stains. With our process you will see that our pile restoration process helps restore the luster and shape of your heavy traffic lanes.


Super Fast Dry Time:

How many times have you had your carpet cleaned and it stayed wet for many hours or even days? So many times over the years we have been called out to fix damage that has been cause by the “wet and jet” carpet cleaners. Wet and jet are the cheap carpet cleaners that hurry through the job, wetting and then taking off because you refuse to fall for their scams or they are simply untrained or part of a large franchise that encourages volume cleanings as opposed to quality cleanings. Again, this is not us. Your carpets will have an average dry time of 2-4 hours but some much quicker.

Safe, Natural, Non-Toxic Cleaning Products:

Our cleaning solution, Pink Elixir, is formulated by US, invented by US, manufactured by US and is 100% natural, using plant extracts. Soon to be commercially available, it is one of the main reasons people keep calling us back. It works, and works well. Better than anything we have ever used before.


A Guarantee You Can Count On:

Our guarantee is the best in the industry, guaranteed! Go ahead, call around and ask what kind of guarantee the other carpet cleaning companies offer. I promise, it’s not like the Pink’s Carpet Cleaning Guarantee!

Our Guarantee:

We will come to your home, promptly, on time, and courteously. We will provide an excellent service at a reasonable cost and if we don’t live up to your expectations or exceed them, you simply keep your money and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to try and make you happy. It’s that simple. Either you are happy or you don’t pay. All we ask is that because we are honest, you please be honest as well and don’t just try to get something for nothing. If you are happy, we ask that you leave us an honest review somewhere like Yelp or Facebook or Google so that our future clients will know that those that rate and review us, love us, because we love you. So the guarantee is simple and the expectations are simple. How’s that for a guarantee? – Troy Meacham



image"Troy did an awesome job cleaning my couches with years of kid and pet stains. He also cleaned the carpet in our (old) home and I can't believe how clean he got it, I was shocked!!"

Dana Borner

image"My wife and I were extremely happy with the service and the results that we received from Pink's! Troy and his crew were amazing and really improved our carpets. We have light colored carpet and it desperately needed attention. I called Troy and he was very professional and was flexible on timing because my wife and I are constantly working. He was punctual and worked around us. He showed us why we chose that carpet color again. My wife and I are very happy with their service, the easy process, and the results. We will call Troy and his dream team again and again."

Keith Harmon

image"Awesome! Cleaned my light colored carpet and couch, even got marker out! I have had a ton of compliments that my living room looks brand new. Made a huge difference!! Thank you!!"

Krista Carr

image"The owner has incredible integrity and is a "stand up" guy with a lot of experience caring for people and their homes."

Dennis Dunne

Best Carpet Cleaning Company Ever!